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Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid City, a tourist attraction, fans can come here in a non-game day to visit and tour. And recently, wholesale soccer jerseys but Real Madrid official website announced Friday 12:30 to 19:30 prohibit fans to visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Galacticos doing so, the Spanish media is very confused, "Aspen" speculation on a Friday or a large transfer occurs, Degea really want to come?
Now is the time offseason, did not contest the Bernabeu stadium task, so here are basically open all day for the fans cheap soccer jerseys. But the Real Madrid official website has recently announced that the Santiago Bernabeu stadium will be assigned on Friday at 12:30 pm 19:30 pm temporarily closed. Now is the time when the offseason, did not contest the Bernabeu tasks from previous practice, the only Real Madrid announced the transfer contract, held a major press play and the team signing new players will meet ceremony will close the stadium cheap soccer jerseys online.
But from the current situation, the Real Madrid coach has been determined, but before the signing of right although not yet met with the Real Madrid fans, but he was on leave, so Danilo will be excluded. Real Madrid not only on Friday temporarily closed court, cheap authentic jerseys and on Tuesday the start to build a platform in the main grandstand, the degree of attention from Real Madrid's point of view, in Friday there will be a major event at the Bernabeu stadium.

Florentino Real Madrid on Friday announced cooperation with Microsoft is just a guess, buy soccer jerseys but the signing was considered not so fast finish, to the exclusion of other possible only after speculation that Real Madrid will be on Friday held a big star will meet fans ceremony. And so far the closest contact with Real Madrid Degea big players only one person. Of course, this is just media speculation, cheap replica jerseys everything to be known on Friday.
The last two weeks, Manchester City have been two quotes Sterling Liverpool rejected, although they are willing to open a 40 million pounds transfer fee, but the Reds still hold people, which makes Blue Moon began to shift the goal, "the Daily Mirror "revealed that Manchester City plan £ 30 million Arsenal midfielder Wilshere poaching wholesale soccer jersey.
Liverpool Manchester City intends to acquire new core Stirling is not a secret, last week, Manchester City sent out 30 million pounds offer, Liverpool to be a direct rebuff this week, Manchester City once again sent 40 million pounds offer, including 35 million pounds and 500 fixed ten thousand pounds floating, but the Reds still have not let go, wholesale jerseys free shipping they want to recover the 50 million pounds Sterling who transfer fee, and the Reds do not want to join the players, they want Manchester City to pure way of cash to complete the transaction.

Stirling two years left on his contract with Liverpool, long ago, wholesale soccer jerseys the England midfielder's agent Ward put it, even if Liverpool out of £ 900,000 weekly salary, Sterling also will not be renewed, in addition to outside Manchester Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal also very interested in Stirling, therefore, the acquisition of Sterling City prospect is not optimistic soccer jerseys wholesale.
"Daily Mirror" said that in the case of the pursuit of Stirling repeatedly rebuffed, Manchester City intends to adjust its strategy in the transfer market, cheap replica football shirts they rekindled the interest in Arsenal midfielder Wilshere, it is learned, in order to allow Assen Carolina put people, Manchester City plans to open a £ 30 million transfer fee.

After losing Milner, Lampard, Richards et al., cheap replica jerseys Manchester urgent need to introduce some of the local players in England, so they will be targeted as Wilshere is not surprising. England's game against Slovenia, Wilshire has fantastic play, two goals all wonderful, it said still have good upside, cheap replica soccer jerseys if we can solve the injury problems, the England native midfielder has become the Premier League's top potential, do not know the face of Manchester City's offer, whether Arsenal heart.
Robinho is Chile's participation in the America's Cup, discount replica soccer jerseys he was in big trouble in the country of their loved ones. 17 am local time, Robinho suffered five family gunpoint in Brazil. Fortunately, the robbers final release of the hostages, no one was injured in the incident.
Media did not disclose the relationship between the five families and Robinho, cheap jerseys for sale but confirm that there are two men and three women. Robbery in when Robinho relatives enter the house, a gunman entered the mansion robbers also took the opportunity.

After the gun threats and control Robinho pro-people, which the robbers had intended to steal finish things quickly escape cheap jerseys free shipping. But strange noises occurring inside the house led to the vigilance of a neighbor, the neighbor called the police. Before leaving the criminals, the police surrounded him in the inner room soccer shirts cheap.

After being surrounded by police, the robbers once refused to surrender, he Robinho five relatives as hostages, cheap jerseys from china and asked the police to his girlfriend into the field. Under his girlfriend's persuasion, the robbers first released two female hostages.

After a half-hour-long standoff, cheap jerseys from china free shipping the robbers eventually released three other hostages, and take the initiative to surrender without a fight. Robinho's five relatives, no injuries in the incident, which can be described as cheap jerseys online unfortunate the great fortune.