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The Only Way Is Essex girls Chloe bag sale are renowned for their uber glam appearances, and are rarely caught without fake lashes, Chloe bags outlet permatans and HD brows. Even a day by the pool in Marbs calls for a bold red lip!

So what lies beneath the glamorous façade? Chloe bags replica Totally flawless complexions apparently! Chloe shared a snap of herself and Danielle without a scrap of make-up, Chloe bags sale proving the pair are total natural beauties.
Although most of us would probably throw on a comfy pair of leggings to match our fresh faced look, Chloe cheap bags wholesale Chloe and Danielle both went for glamorous tailored dresses. Well, they were already bravely being filmed for TOWIE barefaced!

Chloe hit back at suggestions made by doubters who accused her and Danni of dipping into their make-up bags Chloe outlet online.

"We are both make up free," Chloe insisted, "my eyebrows are naturally dark as is my hair... Danni also is make up free outlet replica Chloe bags"

The Beauty Bar owner continued: "watch the show, replica Chloe bag its all for a reason and we very much 100 percent are bare faced.

"As for being role models... That was our point to go out make up free. To send a good positive message out wholesale Chloe bags."

Wondering how these glowing complexions are achieved? We have the answers! Danni spilled her beauty secrets to Reveal, Chloe replica and her flawless skin is all down to a dedicated routine, not super pricey products. Rejoice!

"I always cleanse and tone using Simple products because I'm such a high street girl when it comes to my skincare." Danni revealed replica Chloe bags.

I always use Bio Oil too. Just a small drop though because my skin isn't really dry but it gives me a nice glow replica chloe bags uk." And when it comes to hydration, the TV star relies on the No7 Protect and Perfect Day and Night creams.

Well now we've seen just how good these girls look, chloe bags outlet uk that's one skincare routine we'll be trying out ASAP!

If you fancy a little wine on the sly for your afternoon office pick-me-up, McCann Vilnius has you covered. Their newest annual package design for Beaujolais Nouveau wine is cleverly disguised in a spray bottle that could pass for perfume or air freshener chloe outlet sale 2015.

McCann Vilnius is an advertising agency in Lithuania (branched from the McCann Erickson Worldwide group), so clever alcohol packaging isn't such a farfetched idea. Everyone knows that admen since the dawn of the industry (and adwomen since more recently) have indulged in a cocktail or two while on the clock, so Bouche Bée spray bottles are really just filling a need chloe cheap outlet stores.
It's not only the way to hide your alcohol conveniently, but also helps to rediscover the best part of beaujolais wine — its distinctive smell which reminds you of freshly picked flowers. That's why you would keep your mouth open for this wine (that's why we called it 'Bouche bée,' discount chloe bags wholesale which is French for 'mouth wide open').

A more literal translation might be 'mouth hanging agape', but it would be up to you not to let things progress that far. McCann Vilnius redesigns new packaging for Beaujolais Nouveau each year, chloe online shop uk as a tribute to both the fresh and refreshing ideas of young advertisers and tastes of the young wine.

Previous package designs have included paint cans filled with wine and even medical blood bags filled with the fresh chloe bags sale uk taste of Beaujoulais Nouveau to represent the reinvention of the agency.

Oenophiles might have a thing or two to say about the experience of wine from a spray bottle, chloe shop online but most blossoming creatives would probably vouch for the benefits of a spiked something or other on more lax afternoons in the office.

Of course, concealing your stash of alcohol is traditionally considered a telltale sign of a more serious addiction problem, chloe online store so spritz with discretion.

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